“It is widely believed by all the strange inhabitants of the Eire that a Deity named Fallon, bearing the vessel of a mighty Golden Dragon, is responsible for the creation of Earth, referred to as Talahm by the natives. It is said that the Island as a whole has been blessed by Fallon, and any born there possess the potential to become one of the Fallon Fated. The druids believe that the Fallon Fated have a unique tie the creator, giving them the ability to manipulate fate itself. For the first year, I thought that perhaps this was just the native’s simple explanation for heroes. But I have come to see otherwise.”

-Brother Henry Wells, Member of the Monastic Order of Chevaleir de Breir

“In my seven years of studious travels in the Eire, I have seen countless extraordinary events and unique creatures. It is a land filled with wonder and danger. The leaders of the Six Kingdoms keep a very delicate peace, but it is the Fallon’s Fated that move to keep trouble at bay.”

-Ser Daniel Worthington, Explorer

Location: Open RPG
Day and Time: Mondays at 8:00 PST
System: D&D 3.5 light (No Miniature Use, Heavier Roelplay)
Status: Recruiting

The Fallon Fated

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