Character Creation

Step One : Talk to the DM

This is a particular game in a specified custom setting. As such, there are a number of considerations you should take into account before creating a character. Pitch a concept at your DM before you continue further. No one enjoys wasting time!

Step Two : Point Buy

You start this game with 25 points to spend on character creation. All ability scores start at 8, and are raised by spending points using the following chart:

9 – 1 points

10 – 2 points
11 – 3 points
12 – 4 points
13 – 5 points
14 – 6 points
15 – 8 points
16 – 10 points
17 – 13 points
18 – 16 points

No Ability Score may be above 18 or below 8 before the Race and Fallon Fated modifiers are added.

Step Three: Choose Your Class and Race

There is a list of Races of the Eire. These are my preferred races for this campaign.

At this time, I am primarily looking for the core classes in the D&D 3.5 book. I would certainly consider other classes.

As a blanket statement for Races & Classes: I want everyone to have fun, but ultimately don’t like a lot of the races and classes put out in supplements. The sub-races of Dwarves, Elves and what not can get rather specific and out there. Anyone wishing to play a Race or Class from another source is more than welcome to run it by the DM.

Step Four: Record Racial and Class Features

Your character’s race and class provide certain features. Most of these are automatic, but some involve making choices and thinking ahead about upcoming character creation steps. Feel free to look ahead or to backtrack and do something over if you need to.

Step Five: Select Skills

Your character’s class and Intelligence modifier determine how many skill points you have to buy skills (see 3.5 PHB pg. 62).

Skills are measured in ranks. Each rank adds +1 to skill checks made using a specific skill.

At 1st level, you can buy as many as 4 ranks in a class skill (a skill on your class’s list of class skills) for 4 skill points, or as many as 2 ranks in a cross-class skill (a skill from another class’s list of class skills) for the same cost. (You get more out of purchasing class skills.)

Buying skills goes faster if you spend 4 skill points (your maximum) on every skill you buy, as we’ve done in the starting packages. Once you’ve selected your skills, determine the skill modifier for each one. To do this, add the skill ranks to the ability modifier associated with the skill and record it on your character sheet.

Table 4–2: Skills (3.5 PHB page 63) lists all the skills in the game and indicates which skills are class skills for which classes.

Step Six: Select A Feat

Each 1st-level character starts with a feat. Table 5–1: Feats (3.5 PHB page 90) lists all feats, their prerequisites (if any), and a brief description.

I will consider Feats from different sources, but ultimately need a good pitch as to why it has been added. Once it’s added, I will broadcast it’s availability to all players as an option.

Step Seven: Select Equipment

Randomly determine your starting Gold (see 3.5 PHB page 111).

The House Rules for Weapons and Armor are a little tricky and I haven’t worked through it yet. But here is what i’m currently considering. The cost for chain armor types is double. The cost for plate armor types is double. The cost for steel weapons (as opposed to iron) is double.

Elves, humans and half-elves may purchase chain armor types for standard price as opposed to double, at character creation only.

Dwarves may purchase steel weapons or plate armor types for standard price as opposed to double at character creation only.

Note: I have not yet determined how to determine what types of weapon could be made with iron instead of steel. I will be working on this soon.

Step Eight: Alignment and the Fallon Fated

At this step, a player should determine whether or not he desires to play a rare member of the Fallon Fated. Determining this will also help to inform your character’s alignment.

Otherwise, please use the standard rules for alignment found in the 3.5 PHB.

Step Nine: Determine Combat Numbers

Determine these statistics and record them on your character sheet.

Hit Points: Your hit points (hp) determine how hard your character is to kill. At 1st level, wizards and sorcerers get 4 hp; rogues and bards get 6 hp; clerics, druids, monks, and rangers get 8 hp; fighters and paladins get 10 hp; and barbarians get 12 hp. To this
number, add you character’s Constitution modifier.

Armor Class: Your Armor Class (AC) determines how hard your character is to hit. Add the following numbers together to get your AC: 10 + your armor bonus + your shield bonus + your size modifier + your Dexterity modifier.

Initiative: Your character’s initiative modifier equals your Dexterity modifier. The Improved Initiative feat provides an additional modifier if you select it.

Attack Bonuses: Your class determines your base attack bonus. To determine your melee attack bonus for when you get into closecombat fights, add your Strength modifier to your base attack bonus. To determine your ranged attack bonus for when you attack from a
distance, add your Dexterity modifier to your base attack bonus.

Saving Throws: Your class determines your base saving throw bonuses. To these numbers, add your Constitution modifier to get your Fortitude save, your Dexterity modifier to get your Reflex save, and your Wisdom modifier to get your Will save.

Step 10: Details

Now choose a name for your character, determine the character’s gender, choose an alignment, decide the character’s age and appearance.

Please try and tie the character to the Island of Eire as best you can. You can use the wiki page here to research more about the land you are to be a part of.

Consider key character quirks, ambitions and weaknesses. I find that games are way more entertaining when players portray characters with some sort of character flaw.

Step 11: Level Up

I have decided to start players at Level 1 or 2. You may choose to start at Level 2 if you wish. Please note that your race may already use the additional level.

Note: If you are playing a +1 Level Adjustment Race, you start at Level 1.

Character Creation

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