A Lead is a character who has a stronger influence and impact over the plot of a storyline. I have used this concept to design a mechanic that rewards players for regular contributions without punishing those who cannot act in this role.

Feat: Lead

Pre-requisite: Attend 4 concurrent scheduled sessions. This feat is lost if upkeep conditions are not met.

Special: Temporary, may lose and earn as requisites are met and lost.

Description: Players may earn the Lead feat by attending four back to back sessions, or by participating in the first session of the campaign. This Feat can be exhausted once per every four sessions, and will recover on the 4th session after the session to which it was last exhausted.

Upkeep Conditions: Upkeep condition is simply that a player makes three out of every four scheduled sessions, allowing for one advanced-notice cancelation per month. If a player no shows, this feat is lost immediately. Once lost, this feat can be earned again by attending four scheduled sessions in a row.

Action: Exhaust the Lead Feat to gain one of the following benefits:

  • Regain 1 Fate Point immediately to be used as you please.
  • Take only the minimum damage on an upcoming damage roll.


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