Six Kingdoms

Region: Dunster

The Northern most region known as Dunster is ruled by the Human kingdom of Dunland. The humans of Dunland are believed to be descendants of the Siotic “Schwa-teck” people that conquered Northern Eire and most of Avalon in antiquity.

The Kingdom of Dunland

In recent years, Dunster has regained its independence from Avalon, a nearby island nation of superior power. Weaponry and armor are often simple in Eire, with smiths capable of iron working, but unable to fold steel. The Elven invention of chainmail and the Dwarven invention of Platemail are rare and expensive, as they are in most of the Eire.

Region: Elu’diel

The Western region of the Eire is known as Elu’diel. Many say that Elu’diel is the most beautiful of all the lands of the Eire. The natives say that this is in part due to the Elves that inhabit it, and in part due to the fact that the River Feir’la’den was said to be favoured by Fallon.

The Kingdom of Elu’diel

Elu’diel has not seen seirous war or hardship in it’s long history. The Elves of Elu’diel, play a part in the diplomacy of the Eire from their many keeps, but they remain for the most part isolationists and pacifists.

Region: Genlock

The Central region of the Eire is known as Genlock, a land filled with mountains to its southern borders and roving hills and farmland to its northern borders. Genlock is ruled by the Dwarven Kingdom of Thralin.

The Kingdom of Thralin

The King of Thralin serves as the rightful ruler of Genlock after conquering Lunster several (dwarven!) generations ago. The Dwarves are master crafters and miners, producing the majority of the island’s exports. Their southern borders extend to the Kingdom of Urek-tuu.

The Barony of Lunster

The Halfling homeland of the northern farmlands of Genlock is ruled by the Halfling Baron of Lunster, a Barony that has stood the test of time and owes fealty to The Kingdom of Thralin. Though they are not a Kingdom, this is only in name. The Royal Dwarves of Thralin have shown little interest in ruling Lunster.

Region: Urek-tuu

The Lands to the south of the Southern Mountain Range of Genlock are known as Urek-tuu, or Urek’s Sacred Land in native tongue. Urek-tuu is not technically a kingdom, but a tribal land ruled by roving Orc tribes that all serve the Great Bashthraka (Warlord). Historically, the rest of the Eire has united in war against Urek-tuu, keeping it’s borders from expanding into the mountains.

The Land of Urek

A century ago, a Thraka (warrior) of the Painted-Dogs tribe was brought before the Council of Eire by Ser Daniel Worthington, an Explorer from the Island nation of Avalon that had made it his personal conquest to travel from the north shore to the south shore of the Eire on foot. Ser Daniel provided convincing evidence that this Orc Thraka had the mark of Fallon’s Fated. The nobles of the Kingdoms of the Eire formed a delicate peace with the Basthraka of the Urek-tuu. That peace remains delicate to this day.

Six Kingdoms

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