The Fallon Fated

It is not entirely known how the Fallon Fated are chosen, but there are a few very well known facts:

• The known and recorded Fallon Fated have all been born on the Eire.
• The Awakening usually occurs in post-adolescence. It has occurred slightly before, but never after.
• Fallon is said to be a deity of Morality and Order. All of the Fallon Fated possess one of these traits. (A Character Must be Good or Lawful to be Fallon Fated.)
• Fallon is not a jealous deity. This is believed to be true, because many of the Fallon Fated worship other deities, though it is not uncommon to see conversion after their Awakening.
• It is widely believed that there is a higher chance of becoming Fallon Fated if a blood ancestor was Awakened.


There are no benefits prior to Awakening.

• Raise One Ability Score +3
• Raise Two Ability Scores +1 or 1 Ability Score at +2.
• Gain +4 HP (No Endurance Modifier)
• Gain Access to Fate Points

• The Calling: The Fallon Fated are never complacent. They have a driving urge to act towards what they believe is the benefit of others. This is known amongst the Fated as ‘The Calling’.

The Fallon Fated

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